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This is a list of projects I’ve made available to the public, as well as things I’d like to do. More to come, if I actually get anything done :)



See my github repos - Everything there! Highlights below.


Making video games has been a lifelong dream of mine. Video games are an underappreciated creative medium. They combine all the best parts of music and visual storytelling, and go beyond- to invite us, the players, to become an inseperable part of the experience. This isn’t possible in any other form of media.

That being said, I don’t actually have any publicly available video games to list here. Maybe some day. :(


I don’t have much publicly available, but I did take part in Artfight 2020, on Team Spice. I hope I can show up again next July!


You’re reading ‘em. ;)

I’m hoping to get into more creative writing when I get my blog up and running. Watch this space!


I sing and play guitar in a church worship band! Or, well, I did, before the plague hit. Hopefully when restrictions ease, I can start again. But in the mean time, I’m trying to learn how to compose my own pieces. Hopefully I can put something here soon! :D